Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Setup II

  1. Fixed black bars with CCC overscan.
  2. Refresh rate is 30i - changed it to 60Hz.  Black bars returned, TV switched form 1080i to 1080p.  Fixed black bars again with CCC overscan.
  3. Installed USB hub, then USB-Bluetooth adapter.  Installed BT keyboard.
  4. The high-pitched whine is REALLY annoying and still get McAfee popups.
  5. Restarted, went into BIOS and disabled keyboard errors, then shutdown & disconnected USB keyboard & mouse.
  6. Power up and it detected BT keyboard for login.
  7. Installed VTB Micro USB-SPDIF dongle.  This driver download was fast as expected.
  8. Using VTB Micro app for audio test - get stereo audio out of AVR.
  9. Put in Planet Earth BD.  The disc tray seems very flimsy - feel safer using two hands and putting upward pressure while seating disc.
  10. Disc seek noise kind of loud for a second.
  11. It auto-started WMC in a window, changed to full screen, Express setup.
  12. Started BD - kind of slow loading and getting to the first disc screen.
  13. Audio is coming through SPDIF as Pro-Logic.  Need to figure out how to get DolbyDigital/DTS through.
  14. Video looks good.  Not sure if it looks as good as the PS3 but still looks good.
  15. Installed Netflix in WMC.  The interface seems zippy enough - just a little delay loading cover art but really no slower than the PS3.  Netflix interface in WMC is a lot slicker than in PS3.
  16. Legend of the Seeker Episode 1 looks like utter crap - major pixelation.  Windowed it still looks like crap.  Ran Task Manager performance meter:  CPU was 30-75%, avg 50% windowed and I think about the same full-screen.
  17. Idle with no apps running is around 10-15%
  18. Put it to sleep - doesn't respond to BT keyboard.
  19. And I'm done for the day.

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