Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Setup IV

Powered up and the scaling was off - had to reduce it from where it was set previously.

Uninstalled McAfee.

Installed Internet TV in W7MC. Tried to watch four different shows and all four failed with "Video not available, try again later". Not an encouraging first experience with this service.

Went through W7MC speaker setup - toslink option didn't work. Still need to figure out why I only get pro-logic out. It is probably a limitation of the PowerDVD Dx software.

Noticed that W7MC had black bars - turns out the TV defaulted back to Auto for screen size. I put it back to Dot by Dot, adjusted CCC overscan back to where it was before and now it's all okay. Need to figure out how to get that setting to stick on the TV, or, when I have the Harmony setup, set that in a macro when selecting the Zino as source.

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