Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Setup I.

Received the Zino today.
  1. Setup with stock keyboard & mouse.  HDMI to TV, no audio hookup yet.  Connected intertubes.
  2. System power on.
  3. Seems like a slow boot.
  4. Black bars top & bottom.
  5. Accept Dell automatic updates & statistics.
  6. Unit is quiet - a little HDD squeak now and again but that's it.
  7. Skipped "Setup Security" for McAfee (going to use Microsoft Antivirus).
  8. Create recovery disc using Dell DataSafe.  Can choose disc or USB drive.  Chose disc - says to insert DVD or BD.  Is this drive a BD burner?  Don't have any blank BDs so using DVD - takes about 4.3GB and fits on one disc.
  9. When disc spins up it generates a little bit of white noise - it's low but audible at sofa 12' away.
  10. At 66% complete (verifying disc) the auto-play dialog popped up and progress stopped.  Killed the dialog and it's still just sitting there - been 5 minutes so far.  Sometimes the disc generates more audible, periodic noise but it dies off.  It looks to be stuck.
  11. It finally finished after about another 10 minutes.
  12. Perform Windows update - 9 updates.
  13. 39MB update download seems kind of slow - have gigabit router/switch, CAT6, and Time Warner Turbo RoadRunner.
  14. I hear a high-pitched whine come and go.
  15. Update installs seem slow.
  16. Restart, high-pitched whine is annoying as it shuts down.  It's a very slow shutdown.  Very slow.  Sitting at "logging off" for at least 5 minutes.
  17. "Starting Windows" shows 1080p (TV automatically shows resolution when it switches).
  18. "Configuring Windows Updates" switches to 1080i (welcom screen, too).
  19. The high-pitched whine is back.
  20. Stupid McAfee auto started its registration app & there's no way to close it.  Killed it in Task Manager.  Ran McAfee & killed all services - don't want to uninstall it just yet.
  21. Install Microsoft Security Essentials, let it update & scan.

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