Saturday, December 19, 2009

The SPDIF issue is fixed - and I'm a dumbass.

Put in a BD and started up PowerDVD DX (had successfully played other BDs).  It got stuck "Loading" so I went back to the menu.  While poking around in settings I found the audio setting for output to SPDIF.  After setting that I clicked on the update icon and it downloaded & installed, then rebooted.  Now I can't play any BDs in PowerDVD DX.  And the SPDIF option in PowerDVD DX settings is no longer available - it just has "Default" as the only option.  So, I finally went to the Sounds control panel app and set the SPDIF dongle to be the default audio device like I should have right off the bat but no, I'm a dumbass.  PowerDVD DX plays DVDs and now I get DolbyDigital & DTS to the AVR.  It just no longer plays BDs.

Updated the disc drive firmware and still no BD.

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