Thursday, December 17, 2009

Setup V

Note:  still using factory-installed ATI drivers.

HDhomerun setup went w/o a hitch. The W7MC program guide has quite a few channels that dont' tune in - kind of a pain to figure out which ones. Will have to spend some time playing with that to figure out if my antenna is lacking or there are other problems. Will need to just remove non-tuning channels from the guide (if possible).

Notice that when W7MC is windowed & tuned to a live station, browsing seems to cause hickups in playback audio/video. Picture quality is nice.

Checked power policy: min proc @ 5%, max at 100%

Installed CoreTemp. I shut it down and let it sit for about 10 minutes, the powered up and let it sit idle for 5 minutes:

With W7MC windowed & tuned to HDhomerun live TV channel:

And idle about 5 minutes after closing W7MC from the previous measurement:


  1. Thanks for lots of useful information! I ordered mine on 11/28 with similar specs (no Blu-ray), and the delivery date got pushed to 01/06 - so looks like you got lucky. Congratulations, and keep posting more information!

  2. Sorry about the delivery - looks like Dell has had a lot of problems filling these Zino orders in an orderly fashion. I hope you get one that doesn't have noise issues, too.